Let's Get you Started
Streamer™ is a personal, private and secure captioning, translation, note-taking and document sharing website that runs on laptops, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, Chromebooks and more. With Streamer™ there are no apps to install, software modules to download, QR codes to scan, or anything like that. All you do is go to www.streamer.center and login. That’s all it takes. Just fill out the form below and we'll create your website right away.

Here's What's Included in Your Streamer System
Your system includes your first Streamer™ room that you'll use to caption and translate conversations (you can add additional rooms at any time), a Streamer Admin account you'll use to manage access and permissions for your room(s), an unlimited number of Streamer user accounts (that way you can share your rooms with others), and unlimited tech support. It is easy to use Streamer™. Plus, if you have any questions, just let us know and we'll be glad to help.

Private and Secure
You alone control all access and permissions for your room. Unlike Microsoft, Google and others, all data is fully encrypted and we never ever save your data, look at it, or use it in any way. It's yours and yours alone. 

How Much Does the Trial Cost
Nothing, nada, zilch. It's completely free and lasts a full 30 days. You do not need a credit card, just a valid email address (so we can send you instructions on how to use Streamer). If you do decide to continue using your Streamer website after the 30-day trial, your payment of $8.25/mo (with an annual subscription) goes towards helping us improve your website's features and to provide you with continued customer support. Thanks for partnering with us in our goal of providing a private and personal way that everyone can communicate with anyone, anywhere at anytime in most any language.

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